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Buying Car Insurance For Just a Few Days

There are many occasions that can arise when insuring a vehicle, where you might worry about damaging your no claims bonus or just the economics of insuring for the normal 12 months. There is a solution – and a very good one – to just insure the car or van for exactly the time you need it, even if it is for a few days only – you decide. This way, you only pay for exactly what you need.

Where To Find Short Term Vehicle Insurance

This is very simple, just go online and do a search and you will very soon have the perfect solution in front of you. The application is very easy and takes no time at all and sometimes cover can be almost instant. You will be given a quote and various different options of cover, although the majority of companies, when insuring for just a few days, prefer fully comprehensive, although it can be possible to secure “third party, fire and theft”.

Situations Where Car Insurance For a Few Days is Useful

Perhaps you have a friend or family member who will soon be taking their driving test and you would like to give them some extra practise in your car. Maybe your child is home from university and wants to borrow your vehicle. This is the perfect solution, as not only will you be safeguarding your no claims bonus, but you will also be avoiding the big expense of adding a learner or young driver to your existing policy.

When your car goes in for a service, very often you will need cover to borrow a courtesy car – take this out yourself and avoid any garage commission. Maybe you simply don't use your car very often as you take public transport all week. There is also that classic car which sits in the garage - it makes far more sense to insure it as and when you want to take it for a spin, rather than for 12 months.

It is also great for moving house. Borrow your friend's van and know that their no claims bonus will not be affected should an accident occur. It could be the difference between your friend happily lending you their vehicle or wondering how to say no without offending you.

Necessary Requirements To Take Out Temporary Car Insurance

Most insurers will cover drivers between the ages of 18 and 75, although some stipulate 21 as the minimum. If you have a history of claims, disqualifications or penalty points, then this could pose a problem, as you present a greater risk to the insurer, the same as with any policy. So if you are able to get cover, expect to pay more. You will usually need a full UK or European driving licence, although it can be possible with a provisional one. Most types and makes of cars and vans can be insured for a few days. If you intend to take the car abroad, make sure that you have sufficient cover, as many insurers just provide the basic.

Optional add-ons should be considered for your peace of mind. Look to see if windscreen, breakdown and legal cover are included, if not, then add them on, as this will ensure that you get the best deal possible.

Happy, safe motoring to you all.